Sale and distribution of Marijuana


Persons who have been charged with marijuana sales in the area of Phoenix can turn to the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson for assistance with their legal troubles. When you need the help of an experienced Phoenix marijuana sales attorney, you need someone who has the know-how of handling these kinds of cases. That’s where Mr. Davidson’s law office in Phoenix comes in handy. He can handle all many drug-related cases.

Cases that involve the sale and distribution of marijuana are treated harshly… much more so than the possession for sale in Arizona. Prosecutors try proving marijuana sales by employing the help of undercover police officers, search warrants, surveillance and confidential informants. Using his experience, he can effectively challenge this evidence and will do everything in his power to reduce or dismiss the charges.

How You Can Prove Entrapment

Anytime police engage in undercover activity to create a sale of marijuana case against somebody, defense attorneys can possibly use entrapment has a plausible defense. According to Arizona law, to use entrapment as a defense in marijuana sale cases, there are things that must be proven:

  1. The idea to commit the crime did not begin with the defendant but with the police.
  2. The defendant wasn’t inclined to sell marijuana before the police encouraged or coerced him/her to sell.
  3. Undercover officers encouraged and coerced the individual to sale marijuana.
Hiring The Help Of An Arizona Lawyer For Marijuana Sale and Distribution

If you’ve been charged with an illegal sale of medical marijuana or the Internet sale of illegal marijuana, the Law Officers of Joshua S. Davidson has the knowledge of how to handle the case. As a Maricopa County prosecutor, he was responsible for cases that involved narcotics and marijuana sales. Thanks to the time he spent working as a prosecutor, he can take the experience and use it to effectively defend his clients.

Since he became a Criminal Defnese Attorney, he took what he learned from prosecutors to prepare a defensive strategy that counters each of their moves. You should never try handling the marijuana sale and distribution charge on your own or with an attorney who’s not experienced in the area. With Joshua S. Davidson on your side, you can be sure he’ll be with you all the way to provide you with support and legal advice that can ensure the success of your case.

Talk to Phoenix Marijuana Defense Attorney Davidson today to learn what possible defenses you have to fight your marijuana sale and distribution charge.

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