Marijuana Transportation Can Net Defendants Extreme Penalty Times and Fines


Transportation of Marijuana in Arizona

Have you been accused with transporting illegal marijuana? If so, then you need to locate the best possible attorney for your case. This is where the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson in Phoenix comes in. Attorney Davidson represents all his clients to the best of his abilities to ensure they get the best outcome possible for their marijuana transportation charge.

Due to the federal and state laws, marijuana transportation charges can be extremely complex. It all depends on how and where the marijuana was transported. Should marijuana be transported intentionally or between states, the charge could become a felony offense and could include the following agencies:

  • DEA
  • FBI
  • Federal prosecutors

Because these charges are complicated and the numerous agencies that could get involved, you need the assistance and the support of a highly qualified Phoenix Marijuana Transportation Attorney.

The Charges and Penalties Of Marijuana Transportation

What does it mean by marijuana transportation? It means the movement or the transporting of an illegal substance from one area to another. The charge is extremely serious in the Phoenix region. Most of these cases involve some type of vehicle so that the marijuana is moved from one location to another location.  Just because you are in the same vehicle as the illegal substance does not determine your guilt. The prosecution must prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you fully knew you were transporting the drugs.

Mr. Davidson is a former prosecutor who used to prosecute these types of cases. Thus, he knows the techniques police and prosecutors use to build their case against you. With this firsthand knowledge, Mr. Davidson is already one step ahead and can create an antagonistic defense for you.

Depending on how extensive the charges are against you and if you’re repeat offender, there are a number of penalties you could be hit with:

  • Probation
  • Revocation of driver’s license
  • Forfeiture of vehicle
  • Seriously large fines
  • Extensive long-term prison time

Most marijuana transportation involves a large sum of the drug, and if you’re convicted, it’s a long, mandatory prison sentence. Depending on the marijuana amount, the formal charges that are filed against you could net you serious jail time.  Do not let the transportation of marijuana conviction completely abolish your future.

You need the assistance of an experienced Phoenix marijuana defense attorney to protect you and your future.  With a reputation like Mr. Davidson’s, you can bet you’ll get the aggressive representation he is well-known for. He’ll throw everything of himself into your case to ensure you get the best possible outcome for the marijuana transportation charge.

Give Mr. Davidson a call today if you’re facing a marijuana transportation charge… and let an experienced Marijuana Attorney get started on your defense!

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