TASC Diversion Program


Purpose of the Phoenix TASC Program

TASC is a program for marijuana diversion in the Phoenix area. The acronym stands for “Treatment Assessment Screening Center.” There are more than 20 states that now offer deferred sentencing and prosecution through TASC programs, and Arizona is one of them. TASC is a non-profit organization offering substance abuse support services, including counseling, education, and marijuana screening.

In cases where the convicted party is eligible, TASC services may be offered in lieu of a prison sentence or another of the severe penalties that usually follow a conviction for a marijuana-related offense. TASC serves as a program of intervention for first-time drug offenders. Its case management services aim to alter and eliminate criminal acts related to marijuana by identifying, monitoring, and managing problems with substance abuse. This case management program helps to relieve our state’s heavily-burdened justice system by reducing the need to prosecute and jail first-time drug offenders.

Phoenix Marijuana Diversion/Deferred Prosecution – TASC Program

If you are a first-time marijuana offender, and the amount of marijuana involved was small, the TASC deferred prosecution program may be an option for you. The opportunity to participate in the program instead of serving a prison sentence is not guaranteed, however. TASC screens those who apply to determine which applicants are eligible. There are specific criteria that defendants are required to meet before they can be accepted into the program. If an accepted defendant fails to complete the program, his original conviction, and the sentence that accompanied it, will go back into effect immediately. He may face a jail sentence or another severe consequence, such as a large fine. However, if he succeeds in completing the program, then TASC will recommend to the court that his drug charges should be dismissed.

Criminal Defense Lawyer – TASC Marijuana Diversion Program in Phoenix

If you hope to qualify for TASC, hiring a criminal defense attorney will be of great help to you. Your attorney will perform the steps necessary to ensure that you are qualified for the TASC program if he cannot get the charges against you dismissed while the case is being heard. The court, the prosecution, and TASC administration must all agree to allow you to participate in the program.

If you have been charged with a marijuana-related offense in the Phoenix area, you would be well-advised to seek an attorney with experience in defending against criminal marijuana charges, preferably one who specializes in them. The Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson frequently acts as the defense in marijuana-related cases all over Maricopa County. If you currently have an active marijuana charges, he can offer you a free consultation. If you choose to retain his services, he will work hard to protect your legal rights, defend against your charges, and obtain the best outcome possible for you. If you are facing a marijuana charge and need an expert legal representative, call (602) 493-3600 today!

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