Several Possible Marijuana Penalties The Arizona Court System Can Impose On Convicted Persons


We here at the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson in Phoenix, place our concentration on the criminal defense of our clients who are charged with any number of drug related crimes.  If you’ve been cited for or charged with a marijuana-related offense in the cities of Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale or Tempe, you need the help of an experienced phoenix marijuana attorney.

A marijuana case can be extremely easy or quite complex; it all depends on how much marijuana police found and the defendant’s criminal background. Regardless of these things, you need to have the assistance of an experienced Phoenix marijuana attorney to help you fight it… if not for an acquittal to have the charged or sentence reduced.

Davidson has handled a variety of marijuana-related cases – marijuana possession, trafficking of marijuana, sale of marijuana, production of marijuana and the possession of marijuana with intent to sale and deliver.

A Look At The Classification For Marijuana Possession

2 pounds or less – Class 6 Felony

2 to 4 pounds – Class 5 Felony

4 pounds or more – Class 4 Felony (at least $750 in fines or three times the value of marijuana, whatever is more)

A Look At The Classification For The Sale and Possession Of Marijuana

2 pounds or less – Class 4 Felony

2 to 4 pounds – Class 3 Felony (prison is mandatory upon conviction)

4 pounds or more – Class 2 Felony (three to 12.5 years in a state penitentiary; minimum $750 in fines/$2,000 for selling within a school zone with additional $2,000 in fines)

A Look At The Classification For Trafficking of Marijuana

2 pounds or less – Class 3 Felony

More than 2 pounds – Class 2 Felony (Court will impose recommended sentence at conviction with a possible 5 years)

A Look At The Classification For The Production Of Marijuana

Less than 2 pounds – Class 5 Felony

2 to 4 pounds – Class 4 Felony

More than 4 pounds – Class 3 Felony

Regardless of what offense you are charged with, it’s important to hire the best possible Phoenix marijuana attorney who has the experience and know-how of getting your charges reduced or eliminated altogether.  There are some instances where marijuana cases involving one’s personal possession can qualify for alternative sentencing requirements under the state’s Proposition 200; a conviction for marijuana tends to net probation, jail time, community service and a blemished criminal record.

The state’s mandatory sentencing laws decree severe punishment for convictions. Thus, it’s vitally important to have the experience of a qualified Phoenix marijuana attorney to ensure your rights are protected during the entire process.

If you’re facing a marijuana charge, contact Phoenix’s best Drug Crime Defense Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson right away!

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