Lisa Aubuchon officially terminated from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office


In a September 8, 2010 letter, Chief Deputy Paul Ahler wrote the following:

Your actions contributed to the unseemly spectacle of the largest prosecutorial agency in the State filing a civil lawsuit against judges, public officials and county employees only to voluntarily dismiss the lawsuit within a few months after it became painfully obvious to all that it lacked merit. You misused the awesome power of the prosecutors office to bring unsubstantiated criminal charges against a sitting judge solely for the purpose of delaying a hearing. Again, the charges were voluntarilly dismissed a short time later. These two events created such concern among seasoned and experienced prosecutors that Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk felt compelled to speak out forcefully in an opinion letter that was published in the Arizona Republic on December 22, 2009.


Her comments, in my view, were directly on point and I believe that your actions were a serious disservice to citizens and this state. Additionally, a number of employees within MCAO commented that the actions taken by you created difficult relations between prosecutors and other judges who were totally uninvolved in the specific events in question. Your actions brought discredit to county service.

Pursuant to Rule 9.03A. Mmicopa County Merit System Rules, this is your NOlice
or the Findings or the Internal Investigation that wus conducted on bchulf of the Maricop<l
Coullty Attorney’s Oflicc and Int ent to Di scipline based on those lindings.
I have carefully reviewed Ihe report authored by Katheri ne E. Baker, along with
th..: supporting documentation which includes your personnel file, interview transcripts, hear ing
transcripts and the materi al wh ich you provided and requested to be considered. I I have taken
into conside ration the filct that YOli are an experienced prosecutor having been employed by the
MeAO since 1996. I have also reviewed transc ripts from grand jury 494 GJ 156, Mr. 130b Barr’s
affidavi ts and the written commentary you provided in response to the release of Grand Jury
l11<.1ter inl s. I have also sought the comments and opinions of the lion. Stt:ven D. Sheldon (rct.).
Although I was not required to consult with <lny independent cxpert. I sought his input to ensure
thm the disc iplinary deci sion J rcached was appropri ate.
Richard M. Romley, Interim Maricopa County Attomey, has delegatcd to me the
authority to determine the di scipline to be imposed. Based on the material I reviewed, as listed
above and provided wi th this lelter. it is my intcnt to lerminme YOli from yo ur position as Deputy
County Atto rne y. I have adopted al! the Findings and Conclusions orMs. Baker’s vcry thorough
invest igation. I have concluded that a si ngle viohltion of Maricopa County Mcrit Rules or
Maricopa County Attorney’s Office policies and procedures under the circumstances described
be low is suffic ient to warnmt term ination. The b~sis for your termination i::; set forth in detail in
the entirety of thl: attached report and spec ili <.~ally at pages 46-126. It is inco rporated herein by
fe fe rence.
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