Notice of claim continued


Judge Donahoe’s attorney continued:

Even  before  the  attack  on  Judge  Donahoe  and  the  judiciary,  County government  was  awash  in  political  intrigue,  retaliatory  lawsuits,  and vindictive criminal  investigations.  But  the  judges  and  the  Superior  Court  had  managed  to escape  the worst of the  fallout  from  the  acrimony  between County management and Thomas  and  Arpaio.  Disputes  over  the  anti-immigration  policies  of  the  County Attorney and  the Sheriff, budgetary constraints imposed by  the BOS on those offices, and fights over control of  litigation all coincided to  create a perfect storm of  antipathy and  contention  between  and  among  these  officials,  which  ultimately  resulted  in  the indictment of Don Stapley, Chairman of  the BOS.  Thomas, aided in his  investigation by Arpaio, brought 118  felony  counts against him for  alleged disclosure violations  in materials he  is  required  to  file  as  an elected official.  The BOS,  citing  irreconcilable conflicts with Thomas,  stripped his office of  the  right to  represent the County  in civil matters  (and  part  of his  budget)  and  set up  a  separate  civil  division  to  handle  those cases.

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