Presiding Criminal Judge relaxes position on releasing in custody defendants


For several months, the sheriffs office has been failing to transport inmates for their court appearances in Maricopa County Superior Court.  Most defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges agree that the disruption created by this policy continues to be much more than a mere nuisance.  Not shockingly, the sheriffs office cites budgetary reasons, but many agree that the entire issue is politically motivated by the sheriffs office.  After all, the sheriff seems to have all the money he needs to enforce those accused of immigration violations, even though the federal government is responsible for enforcing those laws.


According to news reports, the presiding criminal judge had previously threatened to begin release those defendant who were not be transported to their court dates but has since backed away from taking that action.  Apparently, the court never intended on compromising public safety by taking such a drastic measure, but needed to raise the issue just to get the sheriff’s attention.  Whether the county taxpayers will need to continue funding the unnecessary court costs occasioned by the Sheriff’s gamesmanship remains to be seen.

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