The East Valley DUI Task Force prepares for New Year


Officers from several different valley police agencies including the Scottsdale Police Department and the Tempe Police Department will be out in full force tonight searching for drunk drivers.  Since Thanksgiving, the state taskforce has made over 1,900 DUI arrests and conducted over 20,000 traffic stops.


Even with Arizona’s new “super-extreme” DUI law which hammers first offenders with 45 days in jail if their BAC is too high, the average BAC of the drivers arrested by the DUI task force has been increasing since they began their operations last month.  Expect sobriety checkpoints and a strong police presence on the roads tonight.  Given the aggressive enforcement by the DUI taskforce this weekend, it would be a safe bet to avoid driving if you’ve had anything at all to drink.  Please be safe and avoid driving drunk as you celebrate the new year.  If however you are cited for a DUI over the holiday weekend, please contact Scottsdale DUI Attorney Joshua S. Davidson immediately for you’re an initial consultation.

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