Charles Barkley charged with DUI in Scottsdale


Former NBA all-star and MVP Charles Barkley was charged with DUI in old town Scottsdale early yesterday morning.  Although his DUI arrest took place in the city of Scottsdale, he was stopped and arrested by Gilbert Police Department officers.  The officers were working outside of their normal jurisdictions in connection with a multi-agency task force that targets various areas of Maricopa County.

According to news reports, Mr. Barkley declined to take a portable breath test but was cooperative with the officers.   Scottsdale DUI attorney Joshua S. Davidson advises all of his clients to follow these exact steps.  The portable breath test is not an accurate or reliable machine and its results are not admissible in court.  However, if you blow into it, the cops can use the result to impound your car for 30 days and possibly justify your arrest for DUI which then gives them the right to demand a blood draw.  The bottom line is that there is very little, if any, good that can come from taking a portable breath test.  As Mr. Barkley’s case demonstrates, refusing a portable breath test is by no means a guarantee that you will avoid being arrested for DUI.  However, it will potentially strengthen any motions to dismiss or suppress evidence that may be filed by his Scottsdale DUI attorney.

If you or a loved one is charged with a Phoenix DUI or a Scottsdale DUI, contact Attorney Joshua S. Davidson today.

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