Maricopa County Attorney may add acquitted Chandler police officer to his officer integrity database


Chandler police officer Tom Lovejoy was acquitted earlier this year after Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Sherriff Joe Arpaio prosecuted him for animal cruelty after his dog died in a tragic accident. Obviously displeased with the outcome of his publicity stunt guised as a criminal prosecution, Andy Thomas is now considering adding Office Lovejoy to a blacklist for police officers who have integrity issues.
Lovejoy has stated that it is his belief that the measure is being considered by Thomas as retaliation for having lost the criminal case. In response, Thomas office claims that Lovejoy is being considered for the list based on an allegation that he and numerous other cops improperly used an official computer database to research information. Curiously, Lovejoy is the only officer from that investigation that is being contemplated for the blacklist.
The list contains the names of officer who have various issues in the backgrounds pertaining to their credibility. If an officer is listed and they are expected to be called as a witness in a case being prosecuted by the county attorney, the information pertaining to the officer is usually provided to the judge who will then determine whether the defense attorney will be entitled to view it.

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