Frank Bernal sentenced to 27.5 years in prison


City of Phoenix law enforcement officers have expressed thier gratitute to the prosecutors office for their efforts in convicting a defendant who used a gun to fire bullets at 2 policemen in October of last year.
Then 22 year old defendant is named Frank Bernal and the court imposed a sentence of 27.5 years in the state prison. According to the police officers, Mr. Bernal fired five times at Officers Shane Figueroa and Brent Freyberger while the three men were located in an alley located in West Phoenix. Fortunatley, niether of the officers were shot and no injures were suffered. The officers were able to arrest the defendant after they chased him on foot. Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Gina Godbehere justified the long sentence on the basis that the defednat was trying to kill the officers. She claims that Mr. Bernal stated ‘I should have killed you,’ to one of the police officers when the apprehended him after the chase. Mr. Beranal allegedly also made reference in superior court while being sentencned abuot lookingh forward to visiting his friends in prison. Officers from the agency invovled in the incident were very pleased with the way the case was prosecuted by the county attorney’s office.
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