Arizona DUI attorney challenges widley used intoxilyzer machine


A pending court case in pima county superior court could have wide-ranging consequences for thousands of other DUI defendants throughout Arizona including those charge with DUI in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe. At issue is the “source code” or the computer program that the machine uses everytime it is operated. The machines are manufactured by company CMI who has repeatedly ignored court orders requiring them to disclose the code to DUI defense attorneys. Phoenix DUI attorneys believe that if the code is subjected to scrutiny and any errors or bugs are found, DUI cases may be dismissed if they are based on results from these machines.
The court has given CMI until November 24 to demonstrate good cause why it should not be held in contempt for failing to honor the courts order requiring it to disclose the program and make it available for Arizona DUI defense attorneys. Depending on what happens next week, DUI cases throughout Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe, Mesa, and Scottsdale could be affected. Joshua S. Davidson is a Phoenix DUI attorney who vigorously defends those accused of DUI.

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