Former chief Maricopa County prosecutor endorses Nelson


In Phoenix, Arizona, the former head prosecutor responsible for felony criminal cases such as DUI, possession of drugs, domestic violence, aggravated assault and forgery, is an attorney named Rick Romley – a republican.  The Arizona republic is today reporting that he is crossing party lines to support Tim Nelson for the next county attorney.  Given that Andrew Thomas is woeful unfit for his current position, has compromised the office’s relationships with police departments and various judges, has allegedly paid millions of taxpayer dollars to his former employer (who notoriously blundered the ill-conceived New Times case), and wasted tens of thousands of tax payers dollars on thinly veiled campaign propaganda such as his “crime prevention” handbook, the announcement is hardly a huge shock.  Although Thomas and his team of political hacks have been attacking Mr. Nelson’s support from various criminal defense attorneys, other opponents of Thomas include

Republican Grant Woods, a former state attorney general, former U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton, a Republican; Attorney General Terry Goddard, a Democrat; former U.S. Attorney Jose Rivera, a Democrat; and Napolitano, a Democrat and former attorney general and U.S. attorney; Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall, Pinal County Attorney James Walsh, Navajo County Attorney Melvin Bowers, Santa Cruz County Attorney George Silva, and Yuma County Attorney Jon Smith.

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