Third high profile loss for top county prosecutor


It appears that the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office in Phoenix has been to preoccupied charging illegal immigrants with forgery for having a fake drivers license bearing their own name and wasting RICO funds to produce & distribute Mr. Thomas’ reelection campaign materials…. errrr… I mean crime prevention handbook, that even the top prosecutor of their pretrial conviction is having a hard time getting a conviction in court.

Three recent high profile cases handled by Lisa Aubuchon have failed to result in a conviction. 

Chandler K9 police officer was charged in Maricopa County Justice Court with the misdemeanor crime of animal cruelty.  At the conclusion of the trial, the judge acquitted Officer Lovejoy because the State had failed to meet its burden of proof.

In yet another politically motivated prosecution, the county attorney recently charged the owner of Ajo Als with a criminal offense for allegedly violating the county’s health code.  Once again, Ms. Aubuchon was the prosecutor assigned to the case.  Arcadia Justice Court Judge Michael W. Orcutt reportedly threw the case out of court after four hours of court testimony.  (as a side note, the Phoenix Police Department reports that there were 101,485 violent and property crimes reported in Phoenix alone last year.  Why is the prosecutors office wasting its valuable resources pursuing these civil matters as a criminal offence?  Simply put, the interests of the citizens and the taxpayers secondary to Mr. Thomas’ political ambitions.)

Most recently, Ms. Aubuchon failed to obtain a guilty verdict in the prosecution of ACLU legal director Dan Pochada for his alleged criminal trespassing in Phoenix at a political rally last fall.

With their apparent difficulty in obtaining a guilty verdict in misdemeanor cases prosecuted by one of their top attorneys, individuals in Phoenix should seriously question how the county attorneys office is handling more serious offenses (such as drugs, assault, DUI, and theft), particularly given the manner in which Mr. Thomas basically gutted the once acclaimed training program for new attorneys and the completely out of touch plea policies in place forcing attorneys to take cases to trial that lack necessary evidence.

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