Seeking re-election, Andrew Thomas fans the flames of the illegal immigration debate with the release of his skewed study.


Maricopa County attorney Andrew Thomas, who reportedly has himself never conducted a criminal jury trial, is seeking reelection this year and is trying to distract the attention of the media and the voters away from the numerous scandals plaguing his office including the ongoing bar investigation, the untold fortune that was paid to his former employer and the record number of cases being dismissed due to his sound-bite friendly yet unrealistic plea policies.  According to the Arizona Republic, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas stated at the today press conference that the study establishes a link between illegal immigration and crime.

The results of Mr. Thomas’ “study” demonstrates that illegal aliens commit approximately 20% of the felony offenses in Maricopa County.  These numbers are approximately twice that of studies conducted separately by Arizona State University and the Arizona Republic.

So how did Andy skew the numbers?  Simple. 

The county attorneys “research” is based on convictions, not arrests or bookings.  The earlier mentioned studies which showed that illegal aliens commit only 10% of the crimes in Phoenix and throughout Maricopa County looked at arrests and bookings.  The distinction is of significant importance because the majority of illegal aliens are not eligible for bond pursuant to Proposition 100.  Meaning, among other things, that the defendants who are held on felony charges without bond are forced to wait for their trial date in the less than hospitable Maricopa County Jail.  This author has represented dozens and dozens of illegal aliens who opted to give up their right and plea guilty rather than sit in Sheriff Joe’s jail for 4 months or longer waiting for trial.  Many if not most of these persons accused of criminal offenses in Phoenix, Maricopa County Arizona would have taken their cases to trial if afforded the opportunity to remain out of custody in the meantime.

Reasonable minds may differ as to whether illegal aliens should or should not be eligible to be released on bail while pending felony charges in Arizona.  But right or wrong, these defendants plead guilty with much greater frequency than those who are legally in the country.  Because these guilty pleas are included in the county attorney’s “conviction rate”, Andy’s latest “research” is skewed at best and deceptive at worst.

The Maricopa County Attorney also fails to mention that many of the felony offenses factored into his study, such as certain forgery offenses and certain weapons related offenses are only be charged against illegal aliens.

With a horrendous record of experienced prosecutors leaving his law office since 2004 and the recent loss of several high profile cases, Maricopa county attorney Andrew Thomas is again going back to the immigration well.  Hopefully the voters this year will see Mr. Thomas’ scapegoating for what it is.

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